Unmasking Potential: Introducing New Beta Version Tool for Biomedical Dataset Discovery

February 16, 2024

In a world of rapidly changing digital expectations, new formats to access and store information, and a dynamic biomedical landscape, users want to connect to data across an abundant, widely available, and growing ecosystem of biomedical research with one click. That is the future we are working to create by leveling up our dataset discovery technology to better understand user expectations and enhance the user experience.

NIH Director Statement on Catalyzing the Development of Novel Alternative Methods

February 9, 2024

Last week, Dr. Monica Bertagnolli accepted recommendations from the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director on considering approaches that use novel alternative methods in biomedical and behavioral research. This is an exciting step in our ongoing efforts to support research that complements traditional models when scientifically feasible.

Learning More About NIH Research Directions and How You Can Provide Input: Highlighting Autoimmune Disease Research

January 16, 2024

We often seek feedback on various grant policies and initiatives broadly affecting the extramural research community. There are also opportunities to weigh in on future directions for the many different disease-specific research areas NIH supports. Here, we wanted to briefly share some resources about these comment opportunities and how to be informed.