Revisit Funding Opportunity Announcements Within 30 Days of the Due Date

January 11, 2023

Many NIH funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) have multiple due dates each year for up to three years. A lot can change over three years, so revisit your FOA within 30 days of your due date (pay extra attention to the Related Notices section) and you can ensure you are aware of the latest requirements before finalizing and submitting your application.

Check Your Application for Completeness Before Submitting

March 9, 2022

We really care about the details. It is important to a fair review that all applicants competing together for funding have adhered to the same rules. It is also important that your application is submitted in a way that allows us to efficiently process your application and make it available for funding consideration. Consequently, your application will be checked at, by our eRA systems and finally by our staff before it is referred for review.