Check Your Application for Completeness Before Submitting

March 9, 2022

We really care about the details. It is important to a fair review that all applicants competing together for funding have adhered to the same rules. It is also important that your application is submitted in a way that allows us to efficiently process your application and make it available for funding consideration. Consequently, your application will be checked at, by our eRA systems and finally by our staff before it is referred for review.

Quiz Yourself on Security and Confidentiality in NIH Peer Review: Rules, Responsibilities and Possible Consequences

January 27, 2022

Maintaining security and confidentiality in the NIH peer review process is essential. We would like to remind the extramural community of the federal statutes, regulations, and NIH policies regarding peer review security and confidentiality; their responsibilities for abiding by those rules; and possible actions that the NIH (in coordination with other offices) may take and consequences that may ensue from a violation of those rules. Check your knowledge with the following quiz.

Pop Quiz! When Must You Use FORMS-G?

January 11, 2022

Make sure you are using the correct form version for your due date. Remember, the intended due date for your application determines the correct form version to use. If you are applying to a due date on or after January 25, 2022 you MUST use application forms with a FORMS-G Competition ID.

Tips for the Next Generation of Researchers

December 9, 2021

If you are a trainee, graduate student, post-doc, or faculty in the early stages of your career, you might be interested in the recording of a presentation from the 2021 NIH Virtual Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration in which prominent NIH leaders offer a variety of tips for junior investigators and discuss funding targets for early state investigators, keeping our attention on at-risk investigators, getting that second R01, and more.