Tune in to the ACD Meeting Today and Friday

I’m at the December Advisory Council to the Director (ACD) meeting today and tomorrow. Several updates and reports from ACD working groups are on the agenda.

Today, we’ll discuss the whirlwind of activities that NIH and HHS have been involved in related to the 2014 Ebola crisis, and we’ll hear updates on peer review evaluation and workforce diversity efforts. I’ll also be co-presenting with Dr. Sherry Mills, director of the Office of Extramural Programs within OER, and co-chair of the ACD’s Physician-Scientist Workforce working group. …. Continue reading

Following Up on the Biosketch Implementation

We certainly heard a lot of input on the blog on the issue of the new biosketch format. I really appreciate the dialog. Even when the input is critical it is so important to hear what you think. Remember that the blog is just one of many points of input when we make policy decisions, however. In this case NIH …. Continue reading

Streamlining IRB Review of Multi-Site Clinical Research Studies

For many decades now the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and consequently NIH, has required institutional review board (IRB) review of research involving human subjects. …. as the clinical research landscape evolves, so should our policies to assure that NIH-funded research can more quickly generate research results without compromising protections for those who volunteer to participate in clinical studies. …. Today, NIH released a draft policy proposing that all NIH-funded multi-site clinical studies carried out in the US should use a single IRB’s review, rather than working through the IRB approval process of each participating institution. …. Continue reading

How Can I Find Out Which Grants at My Institution Are About to End and Require Administrative Actions?

For an individual grant, the grantee can conduct a general search in eRA Commons using the grant number and see the project end date in the information displayed for that grant. (See the eRA Commons User Guide for more information.) Officials from a grantee organization who want to search for all grants that will end in the next three months for their entire organization can use this search tool …. Continue reading

What is NIH’s Time Frame for Closing Out Grants After the Project End Date?

HHS policy stipulates that if the agency (NIH) cannot undertake a “bilateral closeout”—i.e., closeout with the cooperation between the grantee and the agency —within 180 days of the project end date, it must initiate “unilateral closeout”—i.e., closeout without receipt of acceptable final reports—for those grantees that are not in compliance with the policy. …. Continue reading

Learn More About Collaborating with NIH’s Clinical Center

In 2012, NIH created a unique opportunity for extramural researchers to collaborate with our intramural scientists and use the exceptional resources of the NIH Clinical Center. I want to remind you of the third round of this program, called “Opportunities for Collaborative Research at the NIH Clinical Center”, in time for the upcoming pre-application date on December 10. …. Continue reading