What happens if an institution has already submitted an application, and due to effects of COVID-19, some of the information needs to be revised?


Institutions affected by COVID-19 will be allowed to submit post-submission grant application materials to revise information that was submitted in an application as long as the materials are received at least fourteen days before the start of the review meeting.

The post-submission grant application materials policy remains in effect.  Only the types of materials allowed under the policy can be accepted. 

A letter of explanation (maximum of one page) is required.

Find this and more frequently asked questions on our COVID-19 Flexibilities FAQ page.


  1. Is the 14 day cutoff for all post-submission materials, even if they are unrelated to COVID (e.g., journal article accepted for publication)?

    1. The 14-day prior to review meeting cutoff applies to all allowed post-submission materials, including materials not related to COVID-19.

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