NIH All About Grants Podcast: Application Post-Submission Policy 

Photo of Dr. Stephanie Constant
Dr. Stephanie Constant
NIH Review Policy Officer

Your application was submitted on time. The study section meeting is coming. But you just got some new information that may be helpful for the application. Can you include it? Dr. Stephanie Constant, NIH’s Review Policy Officer, joins us in this next episode of the NIH All About Grants podcast to talk about post-submission materials. She tells us about the purpose of the policy, what “unforeseen events” can be added after submission (such as preliminary data in certain situations), what cannot (like preprints), logistics for providing them to NIH, how reviewers use this additional information, and who to contact.

“Take advantage of this [post-submission policy]…you want to have the best application that you can. And new things may have happened. And that can help inform reviewers on how you’re doing.” – Dr. Stephanie Constant

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