Special OLAW Webinar on March 19: Pandemic Contingency Planning and Its Impact on Animal Care


Are you testing or implementing your institution’s pandemic response plan for the first time? Do you have questions about flexibilities provided by the PHS Policy that may be helpful during a pandemic?

All PHS-assured institutions are required to develop disaster plans that account for both the well-being of animals and consideration of personnel during unexpected events that may compromise ongoing animal care. This includes contingency planning for pandemics such as the current outbreak of COVID-19. We are hosting a special webinar on March 19th to help your institution prepare for a pandemic that may impact the animal care and use program. 

We’ll discuss:

  • flexibilities provided by the PHS Policy which facilitate social distancing,
  • the importance of cross-training to minimize the number of animal care staff at work,
  • and options your institution may wish to consider that it does not use in the normal operation of its animal care and use program. 

We will also accept questions on the particular challenges your institution is facing during these uncertain times. If you’re able, please submit your questions in advance to olawdpe@od.nih.gov

How to View
Registration for the webinar is full, but it is being recorded and will be posted here as soon as possible afterwards.

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