New “All About Grants” Podcast on Using RePORT Web Tools Throughout the Grants Process


You probably know the NIH RePORT suite of tools as a useful hub of information where you can find reports, data, and analyses of NIH-funded research and answers to the most commonly asked questions on the NIH budget and extramural research programs. But do you know RePORT can be a helpful tool as you are developing your grant application?

Headshot of Cindy Danielson
Dr. Cindy Danielson, OER
Headshot of Brian Haugen
Dr. Brian Haugen, OER

In this next installment of the NIH’s All About Grants podcast series, Dr. Brian Haugen and Dr. Cindy Danielson from the NIH Office of Extramural Research join us to share their advice on applying these tools to help you throughout the grants process (MP3 / Transcript). We touch on areas such as figuring out who to contact at NIH to discuss your research ideas, seeing what research projects NIH has funded, and how to apply these tools to strengthen your grant application. RePORT attracts over 120,000 unique visitors each month, so tune in to see what the excitement is all about and learn how you too can strategically use its tools.

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