NIH All About Grants Podcast: What Early Career Researchers Should Know (Part 1) – the Hidden Curriculum

September 8, 2023

NIH podcasters Dr. Oliver Bogler, host of National Cancer Institute Inside Cancer Careers, and Dr. Lauren Ullrich, co-host of National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Building Up the Nerve, will relay experiences and lessons learned on finding the right mentor, importance of open communication, networking, career progression and opportunities, and much more.

Mentorship Matters for the Biomedical Workforce

June 6, 2014

Nature Medicine asked me to share my thoughts on the role of mentorship in the biomedical workforce, and I want to share this article with Rock Talk readers, as well.

Mentorship Matters for the Biomedical Workforce: The mentorship of early-career scientists is necessary to their individual career success and the future of the biomedical research enterprise as a whole. Recently launched NIH programs and tools aim to facilitate this important type of training. ….