My resubmission of a competing renewal application (Type 2 A1) was not funded. May I submit a new renewal (Type 2 A0)?


No. Only a single resubmission of a competing newrevision, or renewal application (A0) will be accepted. After a resubmission of a competing renewal (Type 2) application that is not funded, a subsequent new renewal (Type 2 A0) application may not be submitted. The next application submitted on this topic should be submitted as a new application (Type 1 A0) on an appropriate due date for new applications (see NOT-OD-18-197 for exceptions).

For more information on resubmissions of NIH applications, see our FAQ page.


  1. If a current 5 year project ended, a No Cost Extension was not request, how many months would you have to submit a “competing renewal”?

    1. There isn’t a set time limit to submit the Renewal application. However, if the awarded project period is over and the grant has already gone through the Closeout process, you may want to consult with the awarding institute on your submission options.

  2. If we want to apply for a NIH PIIB grant on Sep 5, shall we must close the current PII grant officially before our grant submission on Sep 5? Could you please let me know the rule? Appreciate your quick response!

    1. Please call the NIH staff associated with your current award. You can find their contact information in the eRA Commons Status screen.

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