NIH All About Grants Podcast – Using Review Critiques and Program Input on Applications

Brian Hoshaw headshot
Brian Hoshaw, Ph.D., Chief, Scientific Review Branch, NEI
Tracy Rankin headshot
Tracy Rankin, Ph.D., M.P.H., Deputy Director for Clinical Sciences, NIDDK

In this NIH All About Grants podcast episode, we share advice for investigators to help them understand the critiques of their application, and how program staff input may be helpful when deciding what to do next (Audio/Transcript). Drs. Brian Hoshaw, Review Chief at the National Eye Institute, and Tracy Rankin, a Deputy Director with the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, explain what you can expect to see on a summary statement, roles for NIH review and program staff, helpful initial steps after review, considerations for researchers at different career stages, and more.

“….Don’t take the comment in there personally. It’s review…you might disagree with it, or [it’s] something you can address, or if you can take those comments and improve your application…A lot of it is…take it as feedback and the best you can use that to improve your grant.” – Dr. Brian Hoshaw

“…if the scoring isn’t that great, you should still read it, but perhaps take a few deep breaths, maybe depending on the intensity of your reaction on the score, take some days before you decide to reach out to a program officer. That way, everybody’s in a good emotional space to have a constructive conversation about the science you proposed in your application and the critiques you’re receiving.” – Dr. Tracy Rankin

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