Can My Application be Considered a Resubmission Even if I am Not Re-Submitting to the Same FOA?


It depends on whether the FOAs are Program Announcements (PA, PAR, PAS or Parent) or Requests for Applications (RFA).

An application originally submitted as “new” to a Program Announcement may be resubmitted as an A1 (resubmission) to any other Program Announcement so long as that Program Announcement accepts resubmissions and you are within 37 months of the A0 (original) submission date.

For RFAs the situation is a little different. If you originally submitted to an RFA and want to resubmit to a Program Announcement, this will be considered a new application. Similarly, if your original application was submitted to a Program Announcement and you want to now submit to an RFA, it would also be considered a new application.

For more on resubmission policies, check out our Resubmission FAQs page. To learn more about types of funding opportunities, see our Understanding Funding Opportunities page.

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  1. I’m wondering what the rationale is for the last scenario mentioned: “Similarly, if your original application was submitted to a PA and you want to now submit to an RFA, it would be considered a new application.” I had the experience of submitting a proposal and while it was under review, an RFA perfectly matching the proposal came out. I was left with the uncomfortable decision of whether to submit the revision as an A1 or “start over” by submitting to the RFA. If the NIH really wants to build a portfolio of proposals on a certain topic, then why build in a “start-over penalty” for switching to the RFA?

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