Your Questions on Human Subjects Research, Answered


If you’re conducting research with human subjects, you might have questions about HHS regulations and NIH policies and how you can prepare proposals and inclusion plans. HHS and NIH experts address many of these questions, along with resources, guidance, and case studies in a 2-part webinar series focused on Human Subjects Research Policies, Clinical Trials, and Inclusion (Day 1 and Day 2).

Feel free to break out the popcorn and binge the whole video or check out these sections for the information you need:

For presentation slides and other resources, see the event page. If you haven’t already, register for the 2023 Virtual NIH Grants Conference, February 1-2, for even more NIH policy guidance and resources. While in the grants conference center, be sure to visit the virtual Exhibit Hall and the booth, Human Subjects, Clinical Trials, and Inclusion for downloadable resources, links, and the opportunity to chat with experts during the event.


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