The Protocol Template for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Involving Humans Is Here


A new Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Template is now available to guide investigators through the systematic development of a comprehensive clinical protocol. The new template, based on the previously released Phase 2 & 3 Clinical Trial Template, is fully integrated into the NIH’s Clinical e-Protocol Writing Tool, and can be used by behavioral and social science researchers to prepare research protocols for human studies measuring a behavioral or social outcome, or testing a behavioral or social science based intervention. This template may be especially helpful to investigators who are less familiar with the information and the level of detail that is required in a clinical protocol.

Note that the use of this protocol template is optional, and some components may not be applicable for basic or mechanistic studies involving humans.

For more on the new Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Template and why you may want to use it, check out the Under the Poliscope blog co-authored by Dr. William Riley, Director of the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, and this Guide Notice.

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