How Do I Withdraw My Application?


(Updated 3/31/2017)

To withdraw an application after it has been validated by eRA Commons and moved on to the Center for Scientific Review, an institutional representative or the principal investigator should write a brief letter requesting the application be withdrawn.

  1. Include in the letter:
    • Name of the principal investigator or project director (use the contact PD/PI for a multi-PI application)
    • Application number
    • Title of the application
    • Funding opportunity announcement number
  2. Have it signed by an authorized organization representative
  3. E-mail it to the Division of Receipt and Referral, Center for Scientific Review at

Keep in mind that withdrawing the application after review does not negate the review.

  • If a new application is withdrawn after receiving the summary statement, then a resubmission application is allowed. The review stands, and peer reviewers will have access to the summary statement if the application is resubmitted.
  • If a new application is withdrawn after a review outcome (i.e., score, ND, or NR) is available, but before the summary statement is released, then the opportunity to submit a resubmission is lost since the resubmission has to respond to the issues in the summary statement. Also note that under this scenario you may not submit a duplicate application as a new submission.
  • If a resubmission is withdrawn after review, the same application cannot be submitted again.
  • [Please see updated article here.]


    1. I recently submitted my K99. However, I just found out some data presented have problems. I want to withdraw my application. The application currently has not been reviewed yet, but assigned to a center. Could I withdraw my application and to do resubmission? Thank you so much!

      1. Yes, you may withdraw an application before review. If the receipt date you originally applied to has past, you will need to submit for a future due date. If there are no more receipt dates for that funding opportunity announcement, you would need to find a different funding opportunity (remember this means needing to download the application form for the new opportunity).

        Since the application was not reviewed, the good news is that the withdrawn application will not count as a submission. So a new application would be submitted again as a new application, a resubmission would come in as a resubmission.

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