How Do I Withdraw My Application?

To withdraw an application after it has been validated by eRA Commons and moved on to the Center for Scientific Review, there are two ways you can request the withdrawal.

A new eRA Commons feature allows the withdrawal electronically through the Prior Approval tab in eRA Commons. This action can be initiated by a principal investigator (PI) or Signing Official (SO), but can only be submitted by the SO. The request can be internally routed in Commons between the SO and PI for review before submission. (Read the Nexus article announcing this feature, and the eRA Commons online help guide for additional details.)

Alternatively, an institutional representative or the principal investigator could write a brief letter requesting the application be withdrawn.

  1. Include in the letter:
    • Name of the principal investigator or project director (use the contact PD/PI for a multi-PI application)
    • Application number
    • Title of the application
    • Funding opportunity announcement number
  2. Have it signed by an authorized organization representative
  3. E-mail it to the Division of Receipt and Referral, Center for Scientific Review at

An applicant organization may withdraw an application from consideration at any time during the review process. Keep in mind that withdrawing the application after review is complete does not negate the review. (NIH considers review to be complete when the summary statement is issued.)

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