NIH All About Grants Podcast: Application Post-Submission Policy 

October 10, 2023

Dr. Stephanie Constant, NIH’s Review Policy Officer, joins us in this next episode of the NIH All About Grants podcast to talk about Post-Submission materials. She will tell us about the purpose of the policy, what “unforeseen events” can be added after submission (such as preliminary data in certain situations), what cannot (like preprints), logistics for providing them to NIH, how reviewers use this additional information, and who to contact.

Crash Course in NIH Grants Fundamentals 

July 12, 2023

Are you new to the world of NIH grants or looking for a refresher? We have curated playlists of our YouTube videos designed to provide an overview of the grants process, the different funding programs available, key tools to use as you develop your application, and grant writing advice straight from NIH staff.