What Happens If a Due Date Falls on a Weekend?


When an application due date falls on a weekend (or Federal holiday, or Washington, DC area Federal office closure) the application deadline is automatically extended to the next business day. For example, the May 25, 2024 standard due date for some of our programs falls on a Saturday, which means it slides to Tuesday, May 28, 2024 (since Monday, May 27 is a Federal holiday).

Note that January 25, 2025, the effective due date for many upcoming application and/or peer review changes, also falls on a Saturday and would slide to Monday, January 27, 2025 (see FAQ).

Learn more on our Submission Policies page.


  1. What if a Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) deadline falls on a weekend? Is the deadline automatically extended to the next business day?

    1. Yes. Please see NOT-OD-17-074.
      Do note, however, that my experience is that eRA Commons will still say it’s overdue as early as the 15th.

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