Reviewers, Some Handy Resources to Help With Required Training


Most reviewers participating in review meetings in early 2024 are required to complete 2 training modules before they can access their assigned applications in the Internet Assisted Review (IAR) module. The training, to be taken once every 3 years, is designed to raise awareness of bias in review and actions that breach the integrity of peer review (See NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-23-156 and Open Mike blog).

Two resources are available to help reviewers:

The IAR module will begin system checks starting November 2, 2023 to determine if reviewers have taken the trainings. If reviewers have not taken the training, they will not be able to access their applications. Instead, they will see a message with a NIH training site link to complete the training.

For reviewers who have already completed the training, it will be business as usual in IAR.

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