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While we may not be able to help you look for love, we do have a tool that can help you find the perfect match at NIH for your research.  

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, as NIH is made up of 27 institutes and centers (often referred to as ICs), 24 of which can make grant awards.  and have distinct missions that focus on a specific disease area, organ system, or stage of life.  

Our Matchmaker tool in RePORTER can help you determine which IC may be interested in your idea, which NIH program official you might want to reach out to, and which study section you might want to suggest your application gets assigned to for review  (see our video demonstration of Matchmaker): 

  • Simply enter your abstract or terms into the search field (give it enough information for it to make as precise a match as possible).

  • Select whether you want to search for: 
    • Similar Projects, which will allow you to explore NIH funded projects that most closely match, which ICs funded those projects, to which study sections applications for those awards went, and more.
    • Similar Program Officials, which will show you which NIH program officials have grant portfolios that most closely match the information you input, allow you to explore the awards in those portfolios, provide you email addresses so you can contact the program officials, and shows you the ICs of the program officials   
  • Explore the results screens! Filter results by clicking on the histograms.  

When in doubt, reach out – NIH staff are here to help you navigate the grants process and find the right fit for your research. We hope you find a happily ever after! 

Input screen:

screenshot of Matchmaker input field, one text box


Project results screen:

screenshot of Matchmaker project results screen


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  1. This Matchmaker tool in RePORTER is very helpful. Hopefully there are ICs who are interested in my idea. Thanks again to the NIH for the information. Matchmaker tool in RePORTER 

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