Top 5 eRA Resources You Should Know


As you apply for or manage an NIH award, check out these 5 resources to help you navigate our grants systems:

  1. New to eRA Commons? Start here!
    Get to know NIH grant systems with a high-level overview of the steps taken by applicants/grantees in eRA Commons over the grants lifecycle.
  2. eRA Commons Online Help for step-by-step instructions
    eRA Commons Online Help can be accessed throughout the eRA Commons modules by clicking the question mark icon in various places on the screens.  But did you know the online help is also available outside of the eRA Commons modules? Using the link above, you can get to the complete online help content.  It provides information from passwords to ORCID iDs, status to closeout and everything in between.
  3. Two-Factor Authentication for logging in securely
    To make eRA user accounts more secure with two-factor authentication, eRA is offering its users two ways to comply: use and/or use an InCommon Federated account that supports NIH’s two-factor authentication standards to log in to eRA modules. If you need additional help, contact the eRA Service Desk.
  4. eRA Video Tutorials for quick overviews
    Sometimes you just want to see how something works and we have an ever-growing library of videos (currently at 50+) to help you. Designed to be short and sweet and to the point, most videos are less than 5 minutes and demonstrate key functionality of the different modules that make up eRA Commons.
  5. eRA Commons Frequently Asked Questions for helpful answers
    FAQs are kind of the unsung hero of this list.  Developed from real user feedback, the FAQs are constantly being updated with new content and improved information.  Divided into 25 different categories, eRA FAQs cover a wide range of topics to help you find the answers that you are looking for.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the eRA website, don’t hesitate to contact eRA Communications.


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