All About Grants Podcast – NIH Family Friendly Policies

photo of Pritty Joshi
Pritty Joshi, PhD, Health Science Policy Analyst, NIH DBRW
photo of Ericka Boone
Ericka Boone, PhD, Acting Director, NIH Division of Biomedical Research Workforce (DBRW)

From funding available for childcare costs to extensions of early-stage investigator (ESI) status, NIH supports various programs and policies fostering a balanced work and family life. These Family Friendly Initiatives are the focus for our next NIH All About Grants podcast (MP3 / Transcript). Guests from NIH’s biomedical research workforce office will share their insights on available programs, who is eligible, some of the fine print, and other tips to consider when seeking support.

“…Family Friendly Policies are absolutely integral not only to ensuring we maintain a strong scientific workforce, but also a more diverse one…” – Dr. Ericka Boone

“…we know that there are periods along an individual’s biomedical research career path that are particularly vulnerable transition points…we’re also aware that this time frame often coincides with the time many individuals are growing their families or perhaps they’re providing care for their parents who are aging, and so we hope that flexibilities during these challenging periods will help investigators obtain the support and the resources they need to maintain their productivity…” – Dr. Pritty Joshi

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