Friendlier Approach for Cross-Referencing NOSIs in FOAs Used for Submission


Going forward, you will no longer see individual Notices of Special Interest (NOSIs) cross-referenced in the Related Notices section of the funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) they use for application submission. Instead, FOAs identified for use with NOSIs will include a single link at the top of the Related Notices section that takes you to two NOSI tables – one for active and another for expired NOSIs associated with the FOA. The table format enables you to see, at a glance, the NOSIs that are still active along with the expiration date, activity code(s), and participating organizations.

We expect this new, friendlier approach to be especially beneficial in our parent announcements. Our parent administrative supplement FOA, for example, had over 140 cross-references to NOSIs in the Related Notices section which we were able to replace with this single item – See Notices of Special Interest associated with this funding Opportunity.

You will see this new approach first in our parent announcements and then in other FOAs used for the submission of NOSI applications.

Additional NOSI information

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