Sample Grant Applications, Summary Statements, and More


If you are new to writing grant applications, sometimes seeing how someone else has presented their idea can help as you are developing your own application. With the gracious permission of successful investigators, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) makes available examples of funded R01, R03, R15, R21, SBIR/STTR, K, and F applications, summary statements, sharing plans, leadership plans, and more. When referencing these resources, it is important to remember:

  • These applications were developed using the application forms and instructions that were in effect at the time of their submission. Forms and instructions change regularly. Read and carefully follow the instructions in the funding opportunity announcement to which you are responding and the current application instructions carefully.
  • The best way to present your science may differ substantially from the approach taken by those who wrote the example applications. Seek feedback on your draft application from mentors and others.
  • Talk to an NIH program officer in your area of science for advice about the best type of grant program and the Institute or Center that might be interested in your idea.

Check out the NIAID’s Sample Applications and More.  


  1. Are any samples available that are congruent with Forms E?

    And are there any available that reflect an RCT and the use of the Clinical Trials Info Form?


  2. I have found, and continue to find, these sample applications helpful… up to a point. It is indeed very gracious that these investigators have allowed NIAID to share these applications. Are there plans, and if not, why not, to share applications from other centers (I’m looking at you NIGMS!)?

    1. It takes a lot of staff time and effort to identify applications that are suitable to use for this purpose and to keep the information on this page updated. NIAID has graciously devoted significant resources to making this page possible.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share some additional sample grant applications available through NCI’s website:

    -cancer epidemiology sample grant applications (R01, R21, R03 examples) at

    -behavioral research sample grant applications (R01, R21, R03 examples)

    -implementation science research (R01 and R21 examples)

    We are extremely grateful to the investigators who have been willing to share their applications and hope these additional examples are useful to the broader scientific community!

  4. How about sample Other Support documents, especially in light of the recent update from the NIH regarding their content?

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