FY 2019 Fiscal Policies for Grant Awards: Funding Levels, Salary Limits, and Stipend Levels


NIH issued guidance for NIH Fiscal Operations for FY 2019 including the following new policies:

  • FY 2019 Funding Levels – Non-competing continuation awards made in FY 2019 will generally be issued at the commitment level indicated on the Notice of Award.
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSA) – Increase of NRSA stipends by ~2% on average.
  • Next Generation Researchers Initiative Policy – Prioritizing meritorious R01- equivalent applications from early stage investigator (ESI) principal investigators.
  • Salary Limits – Salary limit is set at $189,600.

For additional guidance and details, see NOT-OD-19-031.


  1. Why don’t all institutes publish pay lines like NIAID? This should be implemented across all NIH institutes.

  2. I think the 5 year deadline for eligibility to apply for the K22 needs to be extended to at least 6 years from completion of the Ph.D. Postdocs are getting longer and longer due to the increased complexity of projects, and in many immunology-related fields it is increasingly less realistic for candidates applying for the K22 to be competitive at the 5 year mark.

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