After My Application is Submitted, Can I Include a Copy or Citation of a Preprint as Post-submission Materials?


No. Pre-prints are not included in the list of allowable post-submission materials, because they do not fall in the category of unanticipated events.

Post-submission materials are not intended to correct oversights or errors discovered after submission of the application, but rather allow applicants the opportunity to respond to unforeseen events.

See NOT-OD-17-066 and our post-submission policy FAQs for more information on NIH’s post-submission material policy,


  1. WhatWhat in the event of a bone fide accepted article that is by no means an omission, particlarly when it is relevant to preliminary data in the grant. I do not believe that is what you are referring to, is it?

    1. No. This post was specifically referring to the submission of pre-prints after an application is submitted. As noted in the FAQs for the Post-Submission Materials Policy, NIH will accept news of all articles that were accepted for publication after the application was submitted and are relevant to the proposed project. In these situations, we require the applicants to provide a list of the authors and their institutional affiliations, the title of the article, and the journal or citation (if available).
      Additional information for reference on NIH policies related to pre-prints can be found in NOT-OD-17-050:

    2. Acceptable post-submission materials includes news of an article accepted for publication since submission of the application. In that case you should submit just the list of authors and institutional affiliations, title of the article, journal or citation (if available).

    1. NIH allows certain post-submission materials to be provided after a grant application is submitted due to unforeseen events (NOT-OD-17-066), including news of an article’s publication. This is an unforeseen event because an applicant would not have pre-existing knowledge of if a scientific journal would complete its peer-review process and accept a submitted manuscript for publication after submission of the grant application but prior to initial NIH peer review of that application, unlike the manuscript submission and publication process for pre-prints and other interim research products that are issued by the scientist.

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