Having Challenges Tracking Down Students and Postdocs at the Time of the RPPR? Here is a Tip to Make It Easier…


Having challenges tracking down students and postdocs at the time of reporting? Establishing a process where you have students and postdocs establish an eRA Commons account at the time they start working on an NIH grant award can save you a lot of time and energy trying to track down people who may no longer be at your institution at the time of your Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) submission. You may even want to have them create an ORCID ID as well! (In case you missed it, read the November 2017 Open Mike blog post to learn more about eRA Commons and ORCID integration.)


  1. Makes sense, especially because postdocs finish at different times and sometimes transfer school (even over seas). Great idea. Thanks.

  2. In some countries the postdoc candidate must register as they are working on an Emeritus Degree. That makes it easier to find those persons. Unfortunately, the language the name is registered under is not usually in English. This makes it difficult. Good luck. Dave.

  3. All good points. The registration should be required across all countries. As far as the names, they can be associated with a number as numbers are used the same in most countries. Cheers. Ami.

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