Spreading the Word About Policies Impacting Human Subjects Research and Clinical Trials

Understanding the impact of the new human subject and clinical trial policies on selecting a funding opportunity announcement, developing an application, the review of applications, and reporting on grant awards will be critical in the upcoming months. We need all hands on deck to help us communicate these changes. To this end, we have made a variety of resources available to the research community to assist with institutional training and outreach. Our clinical trial training page has presentations, a flier, and more, available for your use.

Feel like there is something else we can provide that would be helpful?  Let us know! Or if you have developed outreach materials that work better than what we have, please share them with us so we can potentially share them with others.

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One thought on “Spreading the Word About Policies Impacting Human Subjects Research and Clinical Trials

  1. Many important potential and current NIH funded projects involve human subjects to face potential permanent damages to their bodies. Currently a consent form explains this in detail and is approved by the IRB. There is usually no mention of how the possible long term lifetime treatment will be funded. There needs to be some form of insurance for this type of unfortunate result as part of the project award.

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