Important eRA Account Emails Headed Your Way


There’s only one you, and we want your identification in eRA Commons to represent that! If you have more than one eRA Commons account, look for an email coming your way this summer notifying you of potential duplicate accounts, and providing instructions on how to select your preferred account once you are logged into eRA Commons.

We are beginning this effort in July to support accurate counts of applications and grants, and the proper association of committee service to an investigator. One of the most common reasons for duplicate accounts is when researchers use one login for their peer reviewer role, and another account when submitting an application.  We realize you may wear many hats, and the Commons is designed to allow a single account to perform multiple functions, even at more than one organization.  For example, a person can have an account with a principal investigator (PI) role at a university, and a PI role at another university or at a small business.  The same account may have a trainee role as well as a PI role, as well.

In late July 2017, we will begin sending notifications to individuals who likely have more than one Commons account. For security, these emails will only include instructions on how to determine whether you have duplicate accounts. The process for identifying and selecting the preferred account takes place within eRA Commons, after logging in with your credentials.

Thank you for your time and helping improve the accuracy and reliability of the eRA Commons account data.


  1. What if you have two accounts because you apply for grants through two different institutions? Would these accounts be combined?

    1. PIs should have a single Commons account no matter how many institutions they are affiliated with. PIs with multiple accounts will be asked to consolidate their accounts.

  2. Will this apply for institutional signing officials who submit proposals for multiple institutions (5) and have different eRA Commons accounts for each?

    1. Signing officials can have separate accounts for each institution with which they work.

      Signing Officials (SOs) are required to have separate SO accounts for each of the institutions with which they work. [correction added July 13, 11 a.m.]

  3. I am applying a SBIR and serve as both PI and SO. I already have a SO account. To submit application, do I need to apply a PI account or just use SO account?

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