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It’s been about a year since we transformed our grants.nih.gov website and the NIH application guide to streamline information, and the time it takes you to locate it. Since the initial changes, we’ve continued to quietly evolve these pages based on your feedback. Our About Grants section is an orientation to NIH funding, grant programs, how the grants process works, and how to apply. We’ve made a number of improvements to this section, such as reimagining the grants process overview infographic, aligning the About Grants navigation to match the stages of the grants process overview, and improving the look and usability of our How to Apply page.  You will find new video tutorials on How to Apply that walk you through the grant application submission process in the next week or two.

Thank you very much to those who have taken the on-site survey and provided us with actionable feedback on that helps us get you to the information you need. Please keep the suggestions coming, whether through the site survey or by email.

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  1. I just completed an application through the NIH ASSIST portal. As a newbie, I had no prior experience with the application process using the site, so my input is not ‘contaminated’ by previous experience.
    This is what I noticed:
    1. It took an inordinate amount of time to chase and correct the ‘errors’: most of them were the null information entered as a zero (vs left blank, like the number of students, etc.) that the system classified as a bona-fide input and requested more information on. Not checking validity of the input is a sign of a very sloppy front-end programming.
    2. I couldn’t find any info on the actual submission procedure (!). I had to finally call the tech support who informed me that this is a common question they get. Now, the users of the system are not your average people, so if they can’t find it…

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