New Video Tutorials Can Help You Navigate eRA Commons


New to eRA Commons? Want to know how to locate your Summary Statement? Or look up your Notice of Award? We have just the tools for you.

A new series of video tutorials on navigating the Status screen in eRA Commons is now available on the eRA website and on the NIH Grants playlist on YouTube. The 10-part series walks you through the steps for submitting just-in-time information, a no-cost extension, a relinquishing statement to give up an active grant to another institution and more.   The videos also spell out how the Signing Official’s view of the Status screen differs from that of the Principal Investigator.

Keeping in mind how busy you are, the videos are short and keep to a duration of 3 to 8 minutes. We hope you find them helpful – please let us know by sending us your feedback and suggestions.

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