What Happens to My Grant Application If My Institution Does Not Annually Update Their SAM Registration?


NIH cannot accept applications from organizations that do not have an active System of Award Management (SAM) registration. In order to keep an active registration, organizations must renew their SAM registration annually. The time it takes to renew or update your registration can vary tremendously. We have seen registrations and renewals that have taken many weeks to complete, so start early. In fact, there is no requirement to wait for the year to be up, so consider renewing today! Once your organization’s eBiz Point of Contact completes the SAM registration, it takes 24-48 hours for Grants.gov to recognize the registration. Remember, the NIH late policy does not accept failure to maintain current registrations as a valid reason for submitting a late grant application.

SAM has a quick start guide for updating/renewing registrations, and they are holding a webinar on March 7 in case you need help understanding how to update your registration.

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