New Guidance on Submitting Videos as Application Materials

In an effort to balance rapid changes in technology and fair standards, the NIH is revising the policy and guidelines for investigators contemplating the submission of non-traditional application materials such as videos, devices, or other media. Beginning with applications submitted for the January 25, 2013 due date, the NIH will only accept videos as non-traditional application materials. No devices or other media will be accepted unless specified in the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).

Acceptable video content is limited to demonstrations of devices and experimental data with a temporal element, demonstrating how something functions over time or demonstrates movement or change. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable video content are described in the NIH Guide Notice (NOT-OD-12-141), so be sure to review these details about acceptable video formats, file sizes, and other content requirements.

If submission requirements are met, videos will be accepted by the Scientific Review Officer (SRO) managing the review; however, NIH cannot guarantee that reviewers will be able to view the videos due to technological constraints. The new guidelines may be superseded by instructions in specific FOAs.

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