NIH Pilots Electronic Submission for Relinquishing Statement, Type 6 & 7 Applications


As part of the continuing effort to move to electronic processes, NIH is now piloting a new eRA Commons module, which allows submission of relinquishing statements.  NIH is also piloting the electronic submission of applications through for post-award changes in grantee organization or grantee organizational status.  The following will be accepted electronically:

  • The Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a Public Health Service Research Grant (PHS 3734 Form) (relinquishing statement). For more information see the Guide Notice.
  • Change in Grantee Organizational Status: Successor-in-Interest Applications for Existing NIH Grants (Type 6). For more information see the Guide Notice or Parent Announcement.
  • Post-award Change of Grantee Institution (Type 7) requests. For more information see the Guide Notice or Parent Announcement.

During this open pilot, grantees may electronically submit a relinquishing statement even if the corresponding application is submitted on paper.  You may also follow the current paper process as  described in the NIH Grants Policy Statement.  However, we encourage grantees to participate in this pilot. This is will allow you to become familiar with the electronic processes before they are required.


    1. Type 6 and 7 are codes that identify the type of application received and processed. Type 6 refers to a “Change of Organization Status” (also known as “Successor-In-Interest”) where the legal status of the organization has been changed, and Type 7 refers to a request for support of a funded project that has been transferred from one institution to another. A relinquishing statement refers to the official statement that a research institution uses to relinquish interests and rights in any Public Health Service research grant, including NIH grants.

      For more information on the processes involved in grantee institution changes, the All About Grants podcast “Taking Your Grant with You When You Move” (MP3 and transcript available) may be of interest.

  1. When will all NIH Institutes require the Electronic submission of Change of Grantee Applications? We have had Multiple Commons errors when trying to submit using PA-14-078 that have resulted (after contacting the Commons help desk and multiple changed/corrected applications) in having to request permission to send application via email to GMS.

    Thank you for your time,
    Amy Barbee