When Will NIH Start Using the Research Performance Progress Report?


The new Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) will be implemented by NIH according to the following schedule:

  • Late April 2012—Pilot testing with 7 institutions
  • Summer of 2012—Expand pilot testing to all Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) institutions
  • 2013—Full implementation for fellowships and all awards issued under the Streamlined Non-Competing Award Process (SNAP)

Implementation for complex mechanisms and non-SNAP awards has not been determined yet. We will update you as the pilot progresses. For more details, see NOT-OD-12-083 and the NIH RPPR website.


  1. Will all FDP Institutions be required to participate in the RPPR Pilot Testing in the Summer of 2012 or will this be voluntary? If an FDP Institution wishes to participate, will a registration period be implemented?
    Thank you for your responses in advance and the best with this new Commons Module.

    1. The expansion of the RPPR pilot to the FDP will be dependent on the results of the initial phase of the pilot. We will be sending out more information as we finish up the initial pilot.

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