Hope You Have Been Paying Attention


Because so many policy updates have been issued lately, we thought we would summarize them for you.

Policy Change/Update Effective Date
All applications must be submitted in response to an funding opportunity announcement 9/25/10
New policy on post-submission application materials 9/25/10
Revised NIH Grants Policy Statement effective 10/1/10
Transparency Act reporting for all new awards 10/1/10
Multi-year funded award progress reports submitted electronically 12/22/10
Mandatory use of XTrain 1/1/11
New page limits for career awards 1/7/11
End of A2 submissions 1/7/11
Time limit for resubmissions 1/25/11
Adobe forms B1 required for F,K,T, and D apps 1/25/11
End of two-day error correction window 1/25/11
Expenditure data submitted via FFR 2/1/11
New reference letter due dates 4/8/11 and 6/12/11
Adobe forms B1 for all electronic apps 5/7/11
Late submission policy n/a