NIH Releases FY09 Estimates of Funding for Various Diseases, Conditions, and Research Areas

This week, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released detailed FY2009 funding information for 218 major areas based on the knowledge management and computerized, standardized tools known as the Research, Condition and Disease Categorization process. The RCDC process was initiated at the request of Congress to provide consistent and transparent NIH research funding information.

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You Asked, We Answered

1) What happens if I inadvertently use the wrong page limits in my application?

2) In my new application, where should I include information about my Preliminary Studies?

3) What is the new requirement for personal statement in the Biosketch?

4) I am eligible for continuous submission and am planning on submitting an R01, R21 or R34 AIDS application. I understand that I may use the old SF 424 (R&R) ADOBE-FORMS-A for submissions on or before February 7, 2010. However, I see that February 7, 2010 is a Sunday. Does this mean that I have until the next business day (Monday, February 8, 2010) to submit using the old forms?

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