NIH Sponsors Surveys to Assess Peer Review Enhancements


With the implementation of many of the enhancements to peer review currently underway, NIH is sponsoring two online surveys to gather the opinions of grant applicants and peer reviewers about these changes.

A sample of applicants and reviewers was invited by mail and e-mail to participate in the surveys. The sample was selected to allow for adequate representation of some groups that traditionally are underrepresented in the pools of applicants and reviewers.

Sample members have the opportunity to share their opinions about their most recent experience with the peer review process. The online surveys are brief and anonymous, and participation is entirely voluntary.

The surveys will provide information to support one of the implementation goals of the Enhancing Peer Review Initiative: the continuous review of peer review. As such, they represent one aspect of a larger effort to assess and facilitate NIH peer review activities. NIH plans to sponsor future surveys of applicants and reviewers in the next few years as part of a long-standing commitment to developing a permanent process of continuous review of peer review.