CRISP on the Web Gets a Facelift


After many years CRISP, the public-facing database of federally funded biomedical research projects, is undergoing a series of updates. During the next year, there will be several releases of an enhanced version of CRISP on the Web. The new system will continue to provide the same ability to search NIH-funded research but eventually will include more information associated with funded projects, including budget information and links to publications and patents resulting from NIH-funded research. In addition, the new version of CRISP on the Web will offer a new way of searching for grants and contract portfolios that reflects current research investments in specific diseases and other conditions, and research areas.

In the past, users have searched CRISP using terms that were manually indexed for each abstract. Indexing for Fiscal Year 2008 will be automated to provide a more extensive and flexible set of search options.

The new public face of CRISP may be accessed by going to and clicking on “Search Funded Scientific Projects,” or by going directly to Bookmarking this site will provide you access to the enhanced features as they come on-line.