How Should Grantees Acknowledge NIH Support in Papers, Presentations, Press Releases, Etc.?

According to NIH grants policy, all grantee publications, including:

  • research publications
  • press releases
  • other publications or documents about research that is funded by NIH

must include a specific acknowledgment of NIH grant support, such as:“Research reported in this [publication/press release] was supported by [name of the Institute(s), Center, or other NIH offices] of the National Institutes of Health under award number [specific NIH grant number(s) in this format: R01GM987654].”

The new NIH funding acknowledgement page describes when, where, and how to cite your NIH grant in your manuscripts, presentations, and in press releases describing NIH-supported research. From grant number format to special information for public information officers at research universities receiving NIH funds, we’ve got you covered! So bookmark “Communicating and Acknowledging Federal Funding” as a handy reference. We also welcome feedback on this new site.

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