Updated Post-submission Application Materials Policy Provides Additional Flexibility

Since late 2010, NIH has restricted post-submission grant application materials to those resulting from unforeseen administrative issues. (Post-submission materials are those submitted after grant application submission, but prior to initial review.) This option could be used when an unexpected administrative event occurred — such as a change in senior/key personnel because of the unanticipated loss of an investigator, adjustments in response to a natural disaster, etc. — not to correct oversights or errors discovered after submission of the application.

NIH has recently updated its policy on post-submission application materials to allow:

  • News of promotions or positive tenure decisions
  • Exceptions for applications submitted in response to requests for applications (RFAs) with single due dates or to the last due date of an RFA with multiple submission deadlines
  • Additional personnel information for institutional training and training-related grants

Details on the policy update can be found in NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-13-030.

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