NIH All About Grants Podcast – Discussing Not Discussed

Gene Carstea headshot
Gene Carstea, Ph.D., Respiratory, Cardiac, and Circulatory Sciences Review Branch Chief, Center for Scientific Review, NIH

Your application was “not discussed.” What does this actually mean? What should you do next?

We are discussing “Not Discussed” in this NIH All About Grants podcast episode (Audio/Transcript). Dr. Gene Carstea, a Review Branch Chief at the Center for Scientific Review, will share insights on the NIH peer review process, how many applications are not discussed, reasons why, who to contact, appealing a not discussed decision, and much more.

“…If your application is not discussed, it does not imply that it’s a weak application…you want to try to understand… the criticisms that came out of the review. Was it important? Was it significant? Was it the approach that was the problem? Was it your message? Was it not crystal clear to the reviewers? So we say revise and resubmit.” – Dr. Gene Carstea

More info on the appeals process can be heard on this podcast.

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