Sample DMS Plans To Get You Started


Working on your Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Plan? Check out our expanded selection of sample DMS Plans for inspiration!

We have made these sample DMS Plans available for educational purposes only. Note that these samples are not intended to be used as templates and their use does not guarantee approval by NIH.

The various sample DMS Plans may reflect additional expectations established by NIH or specific NIH Institutes, Centers, or Offices that go beyond the DMS Policy. Applicants will need to ensure that their Plan reflects any additional, applicable expectations (including from NIH policies and any ICO- or program-specific expectations as stated in the funding opportunity announcement).

For more guidance, see the Writing a Data Management & Sharing Plan page on the NIH Scientific Data Sharing site.


  1. Per the NIH application instructions
    Format: Attach this information as a PDF file. See NIH’s Format Attachments page.
    A sample format is provided on the Data Management and Sharing Plan Format Page to assist applicants with preparation of this attachment. Do not include hyperlinks in this attachment. Recommended not to exceed two pages.

    Is this a hard rule. I noticed the examples all exceed tow pages.

    1. NIH will accept DMS Plans longer than the recommended two pages as long as Plans provide sufficient information for NIH program staff to assess the Plan. See this FAQ (#11) for more details.

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