Check for Fit, Before You Submit!


It takes quite a bit of time to prepare and submit a grant application. Imagine spending that time only to find out later that you submitted to the wrong opportunity. Funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) contain a lot of information. Most applicants are very good at reading the FOA description to ensure a good topic fit, but let’s look at a few less obvious items that are often overlooked.

  • Does your application fit within the mission of one of the participating institutes or centers? If we can’t make an assignment, your application will be withdrawn.
  • Does your Type of Application (New, Resubmission, Revision, Renewal) appear in the Application Types Allowed section of the FOA?
  • Is the clinical trials allowability indicator appropriate for your application? FOAs marked Clinical Trials Optional accept all applications whether or not they propose clinical trials. All other FOAs either prohibit or require clinical trials based on the indicator.
  • Is your application within any budget or project period limits?
  • Do you meet all the eligibility criteria in Section III of the FOA?

You must read and follow the entire FOA text. Please remember to check for fit, before you submit.

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