Navigating New Status Screens in eRA Commons


Several Status screens in eRA Commons moved to a new visual appearance on October 27 [see Oct. 25 eRA News (screens for signing officials) and Oct. 3 eRA News (screens for both SOs and principal investigators)]. Note that this means that there are new ways to navigate to the information you need and new methods to quickly find what you are looking for in Status.

Here is a primer:

  • Looking for action items? Click the three-dot ellipsis next to a grant number to see a drop-down menu of action items.
    screenshot of three dots next to grant number showing action items
  • Aiming to navigate to another module? Click the apps menu, located in the upper left of the blue header to see a dropdown of other modules you are authorized to see.
    screenshot of apps menu
  • Needing info quickly? Use the table filter to type a PD/PI name, a grant number, etc. and quickly locate the information.
    screenshot of status result - general search

The new Search screen has nine Search Type options presented in a dropdown menu instead of listing them at the left side of the screen. When an SO selects a particular search, the screen dynamically changes or redirects the SO to a new screen that reflects the search.

To help SOsĀ  become familiar with the new navigationĀ  and design, a new video, a Signing Official: Finding Information (SO Only) tutorial can be found on the eRA Videos page.

For additional details with screen shots, see Navigating and Using the User Interface in eRA Modules (or you can always view Status Module online help from within the module by clicking the question mark icon next to the screen header).
screenshot of closeout status with question mark icon

One comment

  1. This redesign seemingly makes it much more difficult to process closeout documents and to simply find an award if a PI has multiple awards.

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