Top 4 Tips for Navigating Early Career Opportunities


Are you in the early stages of your research career and looking to understand opportunities at NIH?

Dr. Ericka Boone, Director of the Division of Biomedical Research Workforce at NIH, shares her top four tips for navigating early career opportunities:

  1. Review NIH Institute and Center (IC) priorities and goals, as they can differ by IC and programs.
  2. Learn the NIH application and review process, and study successful grant applications.
  3. Normalize reaching out! Make early contact with NIH program officers, and stay connected with your mentors & collaborators.
  4. Sign up for alerts of new funding opportunity announcements (FOAs)! This helps you stay current and know what’s available.

Hear more advice on fellowship applications, career development (K) awards, mentoring, and more from Dr. Boone and other NIH experts in the recording of our Navigating Early Career Funding Opportunities event. Slides and other resources are also available on the event page.

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