Legislative Mandates for FY 2022


NIH issued a notice detailing statutory provisions that limit or condition the use of funds on NIH grant, cooperative agreement, and contract awards for FY 2022. These provisions include:

  • Salary Limitation
  • Gun Control
  • Indirect Costs
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Anti-Lobbying
  • Acknowledgment of Federal Funding
  • Restriction on Abortions
  • Exceptions to Restriction on Abortions
  • Ban on Funding Human Embryo Research
  • Limitation on Use of Funds for Promotion of Legalization of Controlled Substances
  • Restriction on Disclosure of Political Affiliation for Federal Scientific Advisory Committee Candidates
  • Dissemination of False or Misleading Information
  • Restriction of Pornography on Computer Networks
  • Restriction on Distribution of Sterile Needles

For additional details, seeĀ NOT-OD-22-117.

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