New and Updated Other Support FAQs Now Available


The answers to these and other new and updated FAQs are now available on our Other Support FAQ page. Just look for the yellow button labeled 'NEW' and blue button labeled 'UPDATED' icons for updates made in the last 60 days.


  1. Now that this new world of Other Support is taking a much, much bigger chunk of administrative time, has there been any thought to **dropping** the preliminary automated request for Other Support just after the score is received? Does anyone at the NIH actually evaluate the Other Support 5-6 months prior to the anticipated award start date? Does it have any impact at all on their subsequent award or lack thereof? Our investigators are eager to upload such information with the apparent thought that it gives them a funding edge and/or that it appears to be useful and mandatory. We research administrators love to assist with the funding process, but this automated JIT has always seemed quite superfluous to the aim.

  2. Seeking clarification on ‘electronic signature’ requirements, specifically for other-support documents. For the purpose of affixing an electronic signature to the other-support document; what requirements have to be met to ensure the ‘electronic signature’ meets NIH’s standard for ‘electronic signature’? For instances; does the ‘electronic signature’ require a time stamp; does NIH require certification of ‘electronic signatures’? There are multiple versions of (E-Sign) tools/software; I am curious if the standard (fill & sign) E-Sign tool, which does NOT certify or provide official time stamp, does this meet the NIH ‘electronic signature’ requirements for the purpose of electronically signing ‘other-support’ documents. Thanks in advance for any clarification you can provide on this matter.

    1. As noted on our Other Support FAQs (, recipients and applicants may use the electronic signature software of their choice, and in alignment with their institutional practices. A typed name is not an electronic signature and is not acceptable. Applicants and recipients must maintain supporting documentation to reasonably authenticate that the appropriate individual signed the form.