Time for the NIH Regional Seminar in Baltimore


It’s spring and that means it’s time for the NIH Regional Seminar. This year, I’m especially excited that I will have more than 50 of my NIH and HHS colleagues joining me in Baltimore to share the latest updates and guidance on NIH initiatives, policies, and updates on the NIH grants process. If you are new to working with NIH – or maybe just in need of a brush-up on NIH funding and grant policy-related topics – consider joining us May 7-8, 2015.

We have made some changes this year, adding new pre-seminar workshops on May 6. Check out the workshop on human subject research protections, the administrators’ boot camp, or any of our eRA offerings.

I’ll be kicking-off the two-day seminar on Thursday, May 7, as well as hosting a couple of Rock Talk sessions which, like this blog, will be candid discussions of hot topics and big picture issues. The rest of the seminar topics span understanding the NIH, peer review process, grant writing, policy topics (such as Uniformed Guidance and advanced administrative topics), NIH electronic systems, and special interest sessions (such as small business and R15 (AREA) grants, NIH intramural training opportunities, international collaborations, R&D contracts, etc.).

One of the most valuable things about coming to a regional seminar is the opportunity to interact with presenters and staff from my office and around NIH/HHS. The great part about holding the conference in Baltimore is that we will have other NIH scientific program, review and grants management staff in addition to the presenters for our “Meet the Expert” 1-on-1 sessions, so you can schedule time to get your specific questions answered and receive individual guidance.

Last year, we had over 700 attendees, so this event also is a great an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with students, researchers and research administrators like you.

If you’d like to join us, check out the program agenda, information about registration, and more information about the seminar on our website. The seminar provides you with insight into NIH and resources for your career, whether as a scientist, research administrator or anyone else working with NIH grants. I really enjoy having the opportunity to interact with those new to NIH as well as the folks that join us for these seminars year after year. Hope to see you there!

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