Understanding Lead-time for NIH Staff Participation in Scientific Meetings

Attending scientific meetings and research conferences is an important way for NIH extramural scientists to stay connected with their communities and keep up with scientific advances. …. when academic and professional societies want NIH representation we have to balance our abilities to send people out with what the budget will allow. One thing that helps in this regard, particularly when we have additional layers of approval on travel, is to plan early. So, when thinking about inviting an NIH staff member to speak at a conference or other event, it’s important to understand our timelines. …. Continue reading

Training Experiences at NIH

Remember that our report on the Biomedical Research Workforce indicated that about 6% of US-trained biomedical PhDs end up in government research? Well, most of those talented individuals are here at NIH conducting research across the full gamut of disciplines. But did you know that NIH also is a dynamic training environment for the next generation of biomedical researchers? …. Continue reading