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Learn How OER Makes Grants Happen

cover of the 2010 OER ReportI wanted to let you know that we posted our 2010 OER Report yesterday. My office provides much of the NIH infrastructure that allows grants to happen. If you are interested in learning more, I suggest you take a look at the report and post a comment if you have any questions about what you read.

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3 thoughts on “Learn How OER Makes Grants Happen

  1. Great blog – very helpful for me

    Can you tell me whether the following report is available and how to access it?



    Major Accomplishments
    Review of Out-of-Rank Funding Conducted
    Both the NIH and the General Accounting
    Office have determined out-of-rank funding to
    be an NIH-wide risk. In fiscal year 2010, OER
    conducted an NIH-wide review of internal
    controls over out-of-rank funding to
    determine compliance with HHS and NIH
    policy requirements and to identify good
    practices. This effort is part of a larger
    management control program to review NIH
    institute and center compliance with NIHwide
    grant policies.

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